I am a Professional. I think in images, and dream in stills.


             Born and raised on the beautiful Island of Oahu. My father, my teacher, a well rounded artist. Depicting the Hawaiian legends using oil paints , charcoals, acrylic, airbrush and presently 3-D ocean art. A proud father not only because I followed his footsteps but because he sees my natural talent that has carried on through his daughter. 

       I began my journey at 14 years old using charcoals and depicting human faces. Then at the age of 18, a love for makeup artistry. I spent a couple of years freelancing, brides, models working with other photographers . As I turned 25, a fellow photographer handed me a Nikkon 970, I created images at every chance that I had. Seven years of photo shoots teaching myself through trial and error I decided I wanted to market my makeup and photography on the Islands specializing in maternity portraits, expecting mothers with belly art and sandy beaches as a back drop I branded wonderbellies in 2002. Nine years and hundreds of painted belly images later the islanders turned to me when they wanted to capture a very special moment in time. 

        New adventures developed with acrylic paint. Painting on wine glasses, jewelry boxes, kids furniture in 2008 I wanted to explore canvas and different textures on a flat surface. With 20 different pieces I've created a series of abstract paints. Materials are sand, glass beads, spray paint and Lacquer. New projects entail my landscape photography layered with mixed media.